Set inside one room in Folsom Prison, "The Work" by jairus mcleary and co-directed by Gethin Aldous follows 3 men from outside taking part in a 4-day group therapy retreat  held by Inside Circle Foundation with “Level 4” convicts. Over these days, each man takes his turn at delving into his past. This experience exceeds their expectations, ripping them out of their comfort zones and forcing them to see themselves and the prisoners in unexpected ways. "The Work" reveals a movement of change and redemption that transcends what we think of as rehabilitation.


We are delighted to have been selected to participate in the AFI DOCS/NBC UNIVERSAL Impact Lab where we will spend two days in DC training in advocacy, grassroots communications and engagement. In addition to exclusive training with some of Washington's most sought-after tacticians, Lab participants are connected with policymakers and Congressional aides working on legislation relevant to their films. This will take the conversation that starts in the movie into the political stratosphere. 


We are also working with Cinereach to develop our outreach campaign. It's important to us that everyone has the opportunity to see this film and not just the ones that have the access and means to go and see THE WORK at a Festival or movie theater. If you are involved with an organization that you think could benefit from our involvement then please reach out to this email address: